Some Common Uses

.22 caliber trip wire alarm

The Mini-Sentry alarm protects your possessions 24/7/365.

Using a .22 caliber blank the Mini-Sentry G2 sends out a loud report that frightens the would be thief, and alerts you. Use anywhere, indoors or outside, on tools, vehicles, trailers, generators, food buckets and virtually any place that needs an extra bit of security.

Cover huge areas like fields and pastures with a Mini-Sentry and some fishing line, or use one line to secure numerous items at the same time.

The MSG2 can be installed permanently or temporarily, indoors or outside, and can be used at home, in shops, barns, cabins, sheds, at camp, jobsites, root cellars as well as installed on ATV's, trailers, chain saws, generators and more. Imagine the shock when some thief tries to steal your property and POW, a loud report lets him know you are on to him. He flees empty handed and without a confrontation, but with a new found respect for your OPSEC.

Easy to Use


The Miini-Sentry G2 can be easily attached to wood, steel, poles, fence posts, tools, vehicles and even plastic buckets. The 3" flat steel strap can be attached with screws, wire, string, tape, zip ties and more.

The MSG2 uses .22 starting pistol blanks or inexpensive "Ramset" nail gun loads from home improvement stores that cost about .11 cents each.

Std MS $36.95 ea.

Std MS x 3  $99.00

Big Mouth $39.95 ea
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Big Mouth x3 $110 /w Camo +9.00 
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